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White Paper

An introductory paper to In Time Foundation, its business model and its cryptocurrency InTime (ITO).
— Last updated: July 2020


  1. About Us
  2. Meet the Team
  3. Roadmap
  4. InTime (ITO)
  5. Token Distribution
  6. Wallets

About Us

Who We Are

In Time Foundation comprises an autonomous collective of like-minded individuals with the common objective of building a sustainable future.

In Time Foundation was founded in Panama by 7 parent organizations:

  1. Bioscience and Research Application Foundation
  2. F&B Foundation
  3. Education Foundation
  4. World Orphans Foundation
  5. Buddhist Orphans Foundation
  6. Christian Orphans Foundation
  7. Islamic Orphans Foundation

What We Do

In Time Foundation takes on projects or invests in business initiatives that meet the following objectives:

  1. Contributing to bioscience / pharmaceutical research and application, with primary focus on regenerative medicine
  2. Providing easy access to healthcare
  3. Contributing to sustainable food production and natural resource management
  4. Providing affordable education and skills training
  5. Helping underprivileged orphans

Meet the Team

Meet the individuals that make this possible.

Samantha Armstrong
Albert Chua
Luca Schmidt
Anna Xinyan Chen
Aline Rodrigues
Chiamaka Tyjani


Overview of proposed project milestones.

Fund Raising

ITO tokens issued (Dec 2019)

Wallet Support

ITO support on ERC-20-compatible wallets

Native ITO support

Token Listing

Listing ITO on decentralized exchange

Listing ITO on centralized exchange

Regenerative Medicine Initiative

Establishing iPSC research lab in Malaysia

Exploring iPSC use case in preventive and therapeutic medicine

Food & Water Initiative

Establishing fish processing plant in Nauru & Malaysia

Water piping project in Botswana

Orphans Adoption Initiative

Sponsoring 5 orphans a year

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Long-Term Program

Mass adoption of iPSC

Establishing hospitals in capital cities

Investing in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, supply chain and retail platforms

Investing in medicinal plantations

Food & Water Long-Term Program

Establishing mineral water plants and distribution network in over 20 countries

Large-scale urban farming in major cities

Establishing ocean farming facilities, cold storage and seafood distribution centers in fishing villages

Investing in F&B group of companies

ITO Utility Expansion

Integrating ITO into the business ecosystem of Foundation-affiliated firms

Dividend Payout

Dividend payout in ether (ETH) to ITO token holders

Collaboration with On Time Foundation

Real Estate Investment

Education Joint Venture

Mobile App Development

Note: Roadmap is subject to change with circumstance without prior notice. Projects may be conducted non-linearly.

InTime (ITO)

What is InTime (ITO)?

InTime (ITO) is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Information
Protocol: ERC-20
Token Tracker: InTime LogoInTime (ITO)
Total Supply: 3,000,000,000,000 ITO
Decimals: 18
Contract Address:
Contract Creator:
Contract Source Code: Etherscan
Deployed: 2020-04-17 7:50:40 UTC

Source: Etherscan

Use Case

ITO is primarily deployed as an instrument for raising capital. See Roadmap for project overview. Expansion of utility follows the integration of ITO into the business ecosystem of foundation-affiliated firms.

How Do I Buy ITO?

ITO can be purchased peer-to-peer, i.e. from individual token holders or through an exchange platform. Alternatively, investors may contact the Foundation directly. See Pricing Table for updated pricing information.

Token Distribution

Reserve A:
1,000,000,000,000 ITO
Reserve B:
1,000,000,000,000 ITO
Foundation Fund:
997,978,956,907 ITO
Developer Fund:
1,999,999,118 ITO
Circulating Supply: NA 21,043,975 ITO

Source: Etherscan


How Do I Keep My ITO Safe?

ITO is supported on most ERC-20 compatible wallets that allow custom token integration. Native suppport is available on select wallets.

Recommended hardware wallets:

  1. Ledger (Native ITO support)
  2. Trezor (Native ITO support)

Recommended software wallets:

  1. Trust Wallet (Native ITO support)
  2. Atomic Wallet (Custom ITO integration by token address)
  3. MyEtherWallet (Custom ITO integration by token address)
  4. MetaMask (Custom ITO integration by token address)

See Wallets for more information.